Personal Training Memberships

Personal Training Memberships

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Personal training memberships provide one-on-one or two-on-one training sessions and custom activity plans. Every facet of this membership is specifically tailored to your lifestyle, which can help you reach your health and fitness goals (sessions = 1 hour).

Contact Aspect Fitness to inquire about off site  Personal Training Sessions.

Note: Before registering, read Contract. In addition, contact Aspect Fitness for payment options and if you are a student or youth. (click here for student and youth eligibility) 

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Private Assessment

The Private Assessment is longer in duration (approx. 2 hours) and much more detailed than an assessment class.  It is the perfect option for an athlete(s) or individual(s) that has unique physical characteristics. It is also a great option for the individual(s) who is looking for something more private and custom to their needs.  The cost of a private assessment sessions are used as a down payment and become free after purchase of a package or membership. Private Assessment sessions expire 30 days after purchase. 


Payments for personal training memberships must be made prior to or on the date of the initial assessment; or prior to the first session start date. Payments are to be made in full for the allocated sessions unless stated otherwise by Aspect Fitness. Preferred payment options are: e-transfer, post dated check, cash, and online credit card.