Class Memberships

Class Memberships

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Class Memberships provide clientele the opportunity to participate in training classes that are specific to their individual needs and goals.  Class Memberships include an initial fitness assessment class (class description) which determines the most suitable programming. (classes = 1 hour). 

Note: Before registering, read Contract.

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Class Membership Information

Class Memberships can be purchased on either a monthly or yearly term. Monthly class membership run on 30 day rotation and yearly class memberships run on a 52 week rotation. All class memberships begin on the first class following an initial fitness assessment class or private assessment session (please see PT Membership for details on private assessment session). Once the initial assessment is complete you will receive email notification with eligibility for classes (class schedule below).

To book an assessment and check for availability, email Aspect Fitness

Class Memberships


Classes per month = Unlimited (for new clients only) 


Classes per Month = 12


Classes per Month = all the classes that are offered on the weekly schedule

Class Weekly Schedule 

Note: classes with (FULL) underneath are at capacity. Check about page Class Description for information on each class. 


Payments for class memberships must be made prior to on the date of the initial assessment class. Payments are to be made Monthly or Yearly. Preferred payment options are: e-transfer, post dated check, cash, and online credit card.