We offer sessions for everyone, regardless of current fitness level, in a supportive and friendly environment.

Below is a description of the services we offer.

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Assessment (AC)

The Assessment is the first class you must take, regardless of the group or personal training sessions that you register for. The assessment determines your fitness level, needs, and goals. It also determines your eligibility for other classes.

Once you complete an assessment, we will send you an email, indicating the sessions that you are eligible for. It is then your responsibility to email Aspect Fitness with the classes you would like to participate in based off of the weekly schedule

It is likely that you will be eligible for all classes, other than intro to strength and conditioning. In general, you will have to work on prerequisites, for approximately 2 months, before you can take intro to strength and conditioning. (Max. 10 participants) 

Nutritional Services (NS)

Our nutritional services provide the dietary framework and psychological support that clients can benefit from, in achieving their health and fitness goals.

We offer a nutritional coaching class.

The nutritional coaching classes run once per week, for 8 week blocks. The classes cover lifestyle change, nutritional education, and includes group activities (requirement: minimum 5 participants).


Mobility (MC)

Mobility improves movement capacities, and mitigates joint and muscular pain.

Mobility is essential for everyone to maintain and improve, regardless of fitness level. It is the key to being functional throughout life. (Max. 8 participants) 

Athletic Therapy (AT)

Athletic Therapy provides clients with rehabilitative treatment that speeds up recovery from acute and chronic injury (sessions = 1 hour).

If you are looking for service through claims, check with your insurance provider.

Conditioning (CC)

Conditioning improves cardiovascular function, strengthens skeletal muscles, and helps with weight management/loss. It includes moderate to high intensity aerobic and anaerobic training. There are a variety of methodologies used to keep your workouts fun, safe,  and effective. (Max. 8 participants)

Intro to Strength & Conditioning (ISCC)

Intro to Strength & Conditioning will improve your current level of resistance training, and refine your technique.

The class spends approximately 30 - 45 minutes on resistance training, and 15 - 30 minutes towards improving core strength, aerobic, and anaerobic endurance. (Max. 6 participants)


Mobility Conditioning Hybrid (MCC)

Mobility Conditioning Hybrid is a combination of Mobility and Conditioning. It operates at a high pace tempo, conditions different aspects of your body, and improves mobility.

This class is great for  improving mobility, core strength, and cardiovascular health. It also provides a bit of variety from the standard Mobility and Conditioning classes. (Max. 8 participants)

Personal Training (PT)

Personal training memberships provide one-on-one or two-on-one training sessions and custom activity plans. Every facet of this membership is specifically tailored to your lifestyle, which can help you reach your health and fitness goals (sessions = 1 hour).